I have been so impressed with my coaching sessions. The clarity I’ve received has changed my life.


Client’s reason for coming to Your Intuitive Self ®for coaching:  I wanted to complete a marathon. I have signed up for six marathons and NEVER ACTUALLY COMPLETED ONE.

Client’s story: I recently found that I liked running and that it really helped me stay in shape. I felt slim, fit, and energetic. I ran miles each day and should easily be able to complete any of the marathons I signed up for but never did. I signed up for coaching when I realized that I was starting to take out my frustration on friends, family and co-workers. 

Client’s wisdom revealed through coaching at Your Intuitive Self:  When asked why I signed up for the marathons, I said so I run every day. After saying those words out loud, I realized that I didn’t really care about completing a marathon. I finally embraced that the goal of being able to run a marathon kept me on target with my fitness goals. Now, I sign up for marathons and am happy to be a part of it whether I finish or not.

Marathon Runner

I’ve always thought coaching was just fluff, but I was shocked when Your Intuitive Self® held a class at my office. The people who I thought were so difficult to work with all of sudden were working together toward the same goals. Very good. I would highly recommend them.


My relationship seemed like a mess along with everything else in my life. I had read all the self-help books, but something still wasn’t clicking for me. In just a few sessions, wow, I had a plan and a smile. Thank you.


Each of us had a different reason for attending the class, and I think that each of us got something individually special out of it. For me, I see my relationship with my co-workers in a new light.


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